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Many people in Indiana are looking for flexible and lucrative career options that allow them to be their boss. Becoming a no-commission agent like the agents of can be a great option for those who are self-motivated, hardworking, and looking for a fulfilling career path. In this article, we’ll explore what it means to be a no-commission agent and how you can become one in Indiana.

What are No-Commission Agents?

No-commission agents, also known as independent agents, work for themselves rather than being employed by an insurance company. They are licensed to sell insurance products, such as life, health, and property insurance, to customers. Unlike traditional agents, no-commission agents do not receive a salary or commission from the insurance company. Instead, they earn money by charging a fee or a percentage of the premium paid by the customer.

Becoming a No-Commission Agent in Indiana

To become a no-commission agent in Indiana, you must obtain a license from the Indiana Department of Insurance. You will need to pass a state exam and complete pre-licensing education requirements. Once licensed, you will need to choose an insurance agency to work with or start your agency. You will also need to obtain Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, which protects you in case a customer sues you for negligence.

Tips for Success as a No-Commission Agent

To be a successful no-commission agent in Indiana, you must have a strong work ethic as well as the ability to network and create relationships with potential clients. You should also have a thorough grasp of insurance products and be able to communicate them to consumers in an understandable manner. Also, it is critical to remain current on industry trends and regulatory changes to ensure that you are providing the greatest products and services to your consumers.


Becoming a no-commission agent in Indiana can be a fulfilling and lucrative career path for those who are self-motivated and hardworking. With the flexibility to work from home and the potential to earn more than traditional agents, it’s a career option worth considering. However, it’s important to obtain the proper license and insurance and to have a strong work ethic and a solid understanding of the insurance industry to be successful.